Thanks For The Laughs: America Bids Farewell (For Now) To Its Sexiest Maverick

Farewell, my sweet Alaskan princess.

Even though, America has chosen to send you back to your frozen tundra to keep a close eye on Russia, we will always cherish the fine memories you’ve given us.

Like how there are two Americas, one real and one fake. And how in the real America, you are supposed to shoot defenseless wild animals in their natural habitat while flying overhead in a plane because that is what good, patriotic Americans do.

Or how in the real America, unwed pregnant teenagers keep their unwanted babies and enter forced, loveless marriages out of sheer love for their country.

Yes, I am sure gonna miss my little Alaskan snow bunny with her thigh-high f**k me boots and charming, folksy ways.

You know, the cute things Sarah does.

Like when she doesn’t know the answer to a question (which is most of the time), but gives you a little maverick wink anyway. I know, I know, adorable!

But not as adorable as Palin in this precious number, her outfit of choice for both meeting with world leaders and gutting and skinning a fresh kill after a nice, relaxing hunt with the fam.

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