The Curious Case Of James Joseph Cialella

Mental Giant, James Joseph Cialella

Just in case you needed more proof America is the most awesome, kick a** country in the world, a true patriot like James Joseph Cialella comes along to remind you what makes this land of freedom so special.

Its beautiful diversity.

Only in this great nation of ours do we breed the likes of both Bill Gates and James Joseph Cialella. One invented the PC, the other shot a man because he wouldn’t stop talking during a Christmas showing of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

It’s not like Cialella didn’t try to get this talkative father-son duo to be quiet in a nice, civilized manner. After all, he did swear and throw popcorn at them first.

But sometimes popcorn is not enough. Sometimes a man needs to be shot in the arm so another can watch a three-hour movie he won’t understand anyway.

Exactly how our forefathers intended the 2nd amendment to be used.

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