The House That Pain Built

George W. Bush may be leaving the White House under a dark cloud of shame and failure, but at least he’s decided to reward himself for a job well done.

In less than 46 days, George and first-babe Laura are heading for greener pastures in Dallas (where else?) where they will reflect on their eight-year pillage of America from the comfort of their spacious, newly purchased 8,501 sq. ft digs, complete with necessary servants quarters.

And all for the bargain-basement price of $2.07 million!

For which President Bush offered a hearty thank you to all the struggling homeowners who defaulted on their sub-prime mortgages and helped usher in the housing meltdown, so faithful public servants like himself could get their Dallas dream home, at a steal!

Aerial View Of Bush’s Modest, New 8,501 Sq. Ft Pad

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