The Internets Is So Last Year, The GOP’s Real Future Is On The Ethernets!

Thanks to former Alaskan senator and convicted felon Ted Stevens, you no doubt now know the Internet is not a big truck or something you just dump things on but a series of tubes. Obviously.

Well now it’s up to another tech-savvy Republican, newly unemployed Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman to teach us ignorant Americans a few things about the wild, wonderful world of computers and technology. The world of the future!

Speaking to a video-blogger at the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference in St. Louis (think Star Trek convention for nutjobs), our friend Norman Coleman had a few words of advice for the GOP–if they want to stay relevant and on top of their game.

“In the end, we need to compete, as I’ve said before, we need to compete in each and every kind of forum…And whether it’s on the ground traditionally, or today it’s in — it’s in the Ethernet. It’s in the — you know, it’s online. It’s in the blogs, it’s Twitter, it’s Facebook, and the next iteration.”

I mean get with the program people! Is Norm the only Republican who knows that dial-up is so last year?

Maybe everyone should take a cue from Stormin’ Norman over here and learn a thing or two about the Internets and its endless possibilities. Once you get really good, he might even show you The Google.

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