The Kindred Spirits Of Joe Wilson And Michele Bachmann

She’s baaaaaaaaaack! That other semi attractive but equally insane right wing darling not named Sarah Palin (but wishes she was), Minnesota hellwoman Rep. Michele Bachmann, is once again all fired up over the awful Democrats’ mistreatment of conservative kindred spirit and total sweetheart Joe “You Lie” Wilson.

Much like the undeserved suffering she endures as a result of the vicious Democratic conspiracy to keep “strong” conservatives like her down, Michele Bachmann feels Joe Wilson’s pain. And it hurts. A lot.

As long as those blasted Democrats are in power, strong-willed freedom fighters like her and ol’ Joe will never be able to tell America to slit their wrists or blurt whatever crazy thoughts are on their mind at the most highly inappropriate moments.

This abuse cannot stand! So Michele is taking to the Internets to email her many, many (handfuls of) supporters to warn them about how brilliant minds like herself and Joe are being muzzled by America’s dangerous slide towards socialism under NObama.

The Democrats are losing when it comes to a debate on the issues and on facts, so they have to resort to demonizing their opponents.

I was in Colorado recently and I made a speech on health care reform. I spoke for nearly 45 minutes about freedom and health care and our gangster government and the economy.

But, the Democrats just want to talk about one line where I said that we as freedom-loving conservatives must do all we can to stop this rush to socialism.

You mean that whole slitting wrists thing? Yeah, that was totally not a big deal.

The President’s speech on Wednesday was just the same plan you have already rejected wrapped up in the President’s charisma.

They can’t argue on the facts or the issues, so they have to make it about personalities and they have to paint strong conservatives like me as evil, uninformed, or crazy. They simply can’t understand that there are people out there like you that don’t buy their policy prescriptions and that there are people like me who will stand up for you in Congress.

By embarrassing themselves shrieking obscenities at the President during prime time speeches and slitting their wrists in a warm bath of blood and insanity. For freedom!

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