The Not-At-All Awkward Obama-Bush White House Meeting

So Happy Together

President-elect Barack Obama isn’t wasting any time showing us who the big dog is these days. Now, this is a man who wants to get shit done!

Just days after his historic election victory, Barack Obama has already begun putting his ambitious agenda into action.

In less than a week, Obama held a press conference where he outlined his plan to tackle the economic crisis, humored reporters by answering their typical dumb questions, like what former presidents he’s been talking to (hmm, the alive ones maybe?) and what books he’s been reading (who the f cares?), appointed key cabinet members like new White House chief of staff Rep. Rahm Emanuel (a close friend and fellow Chicagoan who also happens to be really Jewish), and announced his intentions to use executive powers to reverse Bush administration decisions on such issues as stem cell research and domestic drilling.

Which is why Monday’s meeting at the White House might have been a little awkward. And not just because George and Laura are not used to having “colored folks” visit.

To be fair, they were more than gracious hosts–Michelle and Laura chatted and looked pretty, and Laura showed her around the new digs.

George even offered Barack some hand-sanitizer, which was very nice of Dubya. But, he knows you can’t be too careful with germs these days.

I guess it’s always a little awkward when you invite the person who is about to replace you over for a meeting and they explain how they really like you and think you’re great, but are going to waste no time trying to reverse every god-awful policy you’ve enacted over the last eight years.

And to think, he actually shared his hand-sanitizer with you. Ingrate!

Like Soulmates, These Two!

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