The Trouble With Money

Not You Too, Papa Bear!

Uh-oh. After coming close, the dreaded “pay-to-play” virus has finally disrupted Barack Obama’s buttery smooth Cabinet process, this time infecting
commerce secretary designate “Papa Bear” Bill Richardson, who was forced to withdraw his nomination amid a grand jury investigation into the typical “I give you lots of money, you give me big state contract” sort of deals.


On Sunday, the now clean-shaven governor of New Mexico regretfully announced his decision, as any humble, civil servant with highly-questionable, borderline-illegal activities in their past would do.

“I have concluded that the ongoing investigation would have forced an untenable delay in the confirmation process. Given the gravity of the economic situation the nation is facing, I could not in good conscience ask the president-elect to delay for one day the important work that needs to be done.”

Okay, so the man’s got $110,000 skeletons in his closet. And maybe he should have said something to Obama’s transition team while being vetted. But it’s not his fault. How was he supposed to know some crazy rat governor from Obama’s home state was going to ruin it for everyone?

Let’s just consider it payback for the little secretary of state snub a few weeks back. HRC stealing his spot is one thing. But commerce secretary? That’s just plain cruel.

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