The Uncompromised Soul Of George W. Bush

President Bush may know he is unpopular. Hated even. But he’s feeling pretty good anyway. Is he suffering from the same delusion that has felled so many a politician before him?

Nah. Not this guy. In an interview with Fox News, still-president George W. Bush explains why he is not bothered by the fact that no one likes him.

“What do you expect? We’ve got a major economic problem and I’m the president during the major economic problem. I mean, do people approve of the economy? No. I don’t approve of the economy. I’ve been a wartime president. I’ve dealt with two economic recessions now. I’ve had, hell, a lot of serious challenges. What matters to me is I didn’t compromise my soul to be a popular guy.”

Duh. How can you compromise something you never had?

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