To Russia With Love

The latest wrinkle in Comrade Barry’s plot to turn America into mother Russia revealed itself in the form of a secret letter
to none other than Russian President Dmitri A. Medvedev.

Obama’s letter, hand-delivered into the heart of darkness by top administration officials three weeks ago, was actually a reply to the one sent by the Medvedev shortly after Obama was elected.

In it, President Obama suggested that the US would reconsider deploying a new missile defense system in Eastern Europe if Moscow would kindly stop helping Iran acquire nuclear warheads and long-range ballistic missiles.

A sharp departure from Bush’s swingin’ cowboy days, Obama’s respectful, even-tempered approach was actually well-received, with Medvedev calling it “exceptionally positive for Russian-American relations.”

Unlike W, Obama probably won’t look deep into Medvedev’s eyes to peer into his soul when they meet for the first time on April 2 in London.

What’s the use? The only thing he’ll find there is Vladimir Putin, and Bush already has the key for that.

Though something tells me he might have changed the lock after their breakup.

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