Treasury Department Seeks Clown For Hire

OMG, now this is just sad. But also slightly scary when you consider the fact this is the TREASURY DEPARTMENT for crying out loud! Aren’t these the same freakin’ people who are supposed to be getting us out of this economic meltdown? Well, they’re also seeking a clown. I wish I could tell you this is all a joke. But then I’d be lying.

You see one of the divisions of the Treasury Department is the Bureau of the Public Debt. Which there is a lot of. This makes the workers sad and hate their lives. But the brilliant Treasury officials in charge of our money have a solution to this perplexing problem: hire a professional clown to provide “Humor In The Workplace” seminars to Bureau of the Public Debt employees and draw funny cartoons to teach them about the benefits of humor, and how it comes in handy, especially when the whole country’s going broke.

Department of the Treasury Seeks Clown for Hire:

The Contractor shall conduct two, 3-hour, Humor in the Workplace programs that will discuss the power of humor in the workplace, the close relationship between humor and stress, and why humor is one of the most important ways that we communicate in business and office life. The contractor shall have the ability to create cartoons on the spot about BPD jobs. The presenter shall refrain from using any foul language during the presentation. This is a business environment and we need the presenter to address a business audience.

Upon completion of the course, participants shall be able to:

• Understand the importance and power of humor in the workplace in a responsible manner
• How to use talents in a creative way that adds humor to everyday experiences
• Alleviate stress in home and the office
• Know how and why humor is important to communication
• Improve work-place relationships
• Prevent burn-out

Someone tell Al Franken to forget the Senate, he is needed at the Treasury Department ASAP!!

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