"Troopergate"–Sarah Finally Gets A Scandal To Call Her Very Own

These Palin’s Don’t Play

An investigative report released by the Alaskan legislature on Friday reveals that homegrown vixen governor Sarah Palin is more than just a pretty face, she is apparently a power-abusing crook too.

This self-described maverick doesn’t need to be part of the Washington elite to be in the center of an abuse of power scandal. She managed to do it all by herself, thousands of miles away from DC (and the rest of civilization). Quick study, that one!

To make a long, and not that interesting story short, Palin is basically accused of several ethics violations for improperly firing a state official who refused to dismiss her ex-brother-in-law from his job as a state trooper. Problem is that this particular state trooper Palin wanted canned also happened to be locked in a vicious custody battle with her sister.

Hmmm, doesn’t exactly take a bloodhound to smell a little conflict of interest there.

Okay, so Palin and her loyal hubby Todd put pressure on some local officials to fire some boozing scum of an ex-brother-in-law. They were just trying to protect Alaskans from a crazed, gun-toting madman, who they feared was too mentally imbalanced to be entrusted as a state trooper.

He was, however, not too mentally unstable to be given the job in the first place. Of course, that was while he was still banging Palin’s sister, and thus, totally normal. It wasn’t until after he fathered their children and bailed on their marriage, that they realized what a psycho the guy was.

Well, that, and the fact they now had to deal with Sarah’s sister moping around the house in ratty pajamas and curlers, wailing about her pathetic life as a spinster in Alaska.

That’s when Miss Palin decided someone would have to pay. Nobody screws around with Sarah Barracuda and gets away with it….or her sister either.

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