Trouble In Maverick-Land?

Rumor has it that things have gotten shall we say, a bit awkward, between John McCain and his fave Alaskan gal pal Sarah Palin.

The once-shining star of the McCain-Palin GOP ticket is apparently taking some heat for her role in what increasingly appears to be a doomed presidential campaign.

With all signs pointing towards a likely (and possibly even landslide) Obama victory on Nov. 4, the McCain campaign (and entire Republican Party) is in disarray, scrambling to pick up the pieces of its shattered White House dreams.

Let the finger-pointing begin, my friends!

Frustrated McCain campaign advisers are falling all over themselves trying to figure out how such a compelling, seemingly sure-fire lock for the White House like Gramps McCain, could fail so badly.

Clearly, it’s all the dumb Alaskan beauty queen’s fault!

Over the last few days, several top McCain advisers have gone on-the-record to call out Sarah Palin for being everything from a “diva” and “whack job” to an incorrigible “rogue” who constantly veers off script and won’t listen to anyone.


At this point even the old man has soured on his prized Trophy-Vice, and is pissed the dangerously inexperienced, not-so-bright but-super-good-looking Alaskan nutjob he hardly knew but picked anyway for unscrupulous political gain turned out to be more than he could handle.

Could it be that the Maverick’s been out-mavericked?

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