UN Joins Growing List Of Terrorist Organizations Supporting Barack Obama

Looks like another shadowy terrorist organization is in the can for middle-class hating Socialist Barack Obama. Al Jazeera? Nope. Al-Qaeda? Close. Hezbollah? Good guess.

Give up? Why, it’s the United Nations, of course!

An “informal survey” of more than two dozen UN workers and foreign delegates show a vast majority–26 of 28, to be exact–prefer Democrat Barack Obama over Republican candidate John McCain to become the next U.S. President.

These “closeted but proud” Obama supporters in the UN come from everywhere: Russia, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Indonesia and a bunch of places you’ve probably never even heard of.

William H. Luers, executive director of the United Nations Association explained:

“It would be hard to find anybody, I think, at the U.N. who would not believe that Obama would be a considerable improvement over any other alternative. It’s been a bad eight years, and there is a lot of bad feeling over it.”

Another enthusiastic Obama backer from an African country (ha, figures!) put it more bluntly:

“I have not heard a single person who will support McCain; if they do, they are in hiding.”

Well, guess what Einstein, we found two. But turns out one was an American and the other couldn’t vote.

Unfortunately, the rest of those knuckleheads over at the United Nations are all still swooning over some “amazing transformational” dude who actually respects the UN and international law.

Hey, what do you guys have against the old man anyway?

Sure he has wisps of white hair, can be bit awkward sometimes, and has called for the “establishment of league of democracies,” which is basically GOP code for the UN to go “f**k itself and die.”

But, ask yourself is that really worse than a secret muslim elitist celebrity terrorist socialist with a mysterious past hell-bent on stealing your money and spreading the wealth like some half-black Robin Hood with a God-complex trying to take over the world?

Oh, I see.

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