Unemployed Campaign Reporters: Will Work For Food

Here’s A Hint: Put Down The Freakin’ Doughnut Fatty!

Now that the election is over, some campaign reporters are finding it difficult to adjust to the suddenly fatter, heftier, unemployed versions of their former selves.

Yes, the post-campaign return to “normal” life can be quite daunting, especially for those used to the frenetic pace and 24/7 gorge fest of the presidential campaign.

Time’s Karen Tumulty, who covered the Obama campaign, put the gut-busting experience in perspective:

“So what are we talking about?” Tumulty writes. “Seven full meals plus multiple snacks? 50,000 calories? And the only real exercise I got all day was unloading my bag from the plane, our weird little ritual at the end of the day.”

“Three meals a day itself is quite a culture shock after this,” she adds.

Ah yes, the American campaign trail. The only trail with the dubious distinction of leaving you fatter, lazier, and more pathetically out-of-shape the longer you’ve been running on it.

Take A Load Off, Old Man!

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