What Can Brown Do For You? Other Than Kill Health Care and Ruin America…

Scott Brown, So Conservative, Yet So Cosmo!

Oh no-zees! Democratic nerves have hit an all-time high (at least for this year) over the ever-so-close Senate race in the original birthplace of the teabagger, Massachusetts.

These nervous nellie Dems have decided it’s time to hit the panic button and break out the big gun to win next Tuesday’s do-or-die Senate race in Massachusetts.

Translation: It’s time for Barry to head down to the land of gays and taxes to once again save the Dems from a toxic combination of their own incompetence and a Republican wet dream by the name of Scott Brown.

You see, Martha Coakley, Ted Kennedy’s heir apparent and supposed shoe-in for Massachusetts’ now vacant Senate seat, is in danger of losing her fancy shmancy liberal laces–marking the first Democratic boot by Republicans since the 1950s. Gasp!

Because if Coakley loses, then Democrats lose their 60-seat majority (cause they’ve been so effective with it??) in the Senate, and health care will likely be nothing more than the dying gasps of opportunity lost and Grandma as her creaking, ol’ uninsured bones are tossed out the hospital door.

So the Dems have decided to do what they always do when there’s problem they can’t solve (no, not Maria silly, Republican senate hopeful Scott Brown): call in Barry to make it all better!


In this case, that means stop the sudden momentum of thorn-in-the-side Republican impostor Scott Brown, who is hoping (and praying no doubt) that the good people of Massachusetts suddenly forget they don’t do the whole “Republican” thing and come out en masse to vote for him next Tuesday. Or just the older, more racist Massachusetts crowd. That’d be fine too. Either way.

But wait, what’s this you say, Scott? You’re not a real Republican? Because no Republican would ever get elected from the gay mecca of Taxachusetts, especially with the Grand Old Party’s insistence upon ’round the clock racism, homophobia, and lightly veiled threats of violence against the government.

“The allegation that I vote 96 percent of the time with Republicans is inaccurate, but I’m proud of the fact that I’ve stood up against out-of-control spending and taxation in Massachusetts,” he said.

He also claimed that he was unfamiliar with the “Tea Party movement,” when asked by a reporter. Ha ha, whatever you say, Scotty!

And when told that different people labeled him a conservative, moderate and a liberal Republican, he responded “I’m a Scott Brown Republican.”

The kind who snags Cosmopolitan magazine’s very important “America’s Sexiest Man” centerfold almost three decades before running around trying to steal a dead man’s senate seat so he can kill the one piece of legislation said dead person dedicated his entire life to achieving.

Ya know, the good kind of Republican.

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