When Not Killing Republicans' Presidential Dreams, Barack Obama Kills The Crowd At The White House Correspondents Dinner

Ooooh Kim Kardashian! Jimmy Kimmel! The cast of Glee! The great Arianna Huffington (re)Post! Hillary Clinton drunk texting from Cartagena! Birth certificate jokes! Ballrooms! Bow ties! The lamestream media! The lazy, no-good, do nothing (except destroy society) Congress!

Hooray! The gang’s all here! It’s the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner/Nerd Prom where media celebrities, political celebrities, and celebrity celebrities get together to mutually masturbate one another in a (hopefully) mostly metaphoric way, as part of the great journalistic tradition of being the government’s fearless watchdog lapdog.

And just like Osama bin Laden one year earlier, America’s favorite Joker-in-Chief Barack Obama killed this one too.

B-Rock in da House, y’all!

Guess when it comes to killing things, be it terrorists and/or dork & celeb-studded crowds, everyone knows it’s all about the O!

[image via Washington Post]

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