Marco Rubio Is An Idiot, Not A Scientist, Automatically Qualifying Him As 2016 GOP Frontrunner

The Grand Old Party of Grandfatherly Old White Men hasn’t been doing so hot with the under 65, non-racist, non-legitimate rape-and-fetus-obsessed crowd, probably because they’re usually too busy condemning them to hell instead.

Good thing, there is one young, strapping, hip-hop lovin’ Cuban man ready to rise from the Mitt Romney-tinged ashes of the Republican Party […]

Fighting The Good Fight: DemNow’s Interview With The “Che Guevara” Of Comedy, Lee Camp

Lee Camp is a name synonymous with humorous irreverence, which is no surprise considering how much the 31-year-old comedian, activist, and writer has accomplished in his short time on this planet. Not to mention how many people he’s pissed off!

His unique brand of topical humor, scathing wit, and fearless devotion to equality, justice, and […]