Ken Cuccinelli’s Virginia Is For Straight Lovers & Lovers Of Animals

Virginia may be for lovers (dog and otherwise) but it is certainly not for homosexuals. Heaven forbid!

And Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for Virginia’s attorney general intends to keep it that way. Which is why, if elected, he will absolutely not commit to enforcing some sissy nondiscrimination policy protecting homos because they are not normal […]

If The Public Option Doesn’t Kill You First, Mitch McConnell’s Stupidity Will

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell sees where the Republican Party is going (not far) and naturally wants to lead the way. Unlike that dumb cow Michael Steele, big Mitch is not about to let this train(wreck) leave the station without its captain on board. No sir-ee!

That’s why this responsible GOP leader from Kentucky is taking […]

Sarah Palin Doesn't Have Time For Naked Retards Like Levi Johnston

Alaskan oilfield worker turned celebrity baby daddy turned famous nude model Levi Johnston is apparently getting ready for his next big gig stuffed and hanging as the newest decorative piece on a wall in Sarah Palin’s home office.

Which would help explain Johnston’s interview on CBS’s “The Early Show” repeating his earlier accusation that Sarah Palin […]

Michele Bachmann Would Love To Be Queen To This "Stunning" King

Minnesota hellwoman Michele Bachmann may be willing to slit her wrists for freedom but turns out patriotic bloodletting isn’t the only thing to get this right-wing raven all hot and bothered.

That my friends is up to kindred spirit and “stunning” fellow nutball Rep. Steve King of Iowa whose sexy baby blues and virulent homophobia is […]

Joe Lieberman See’s Opportunity To Fulfill His Destiny As Biggest Buzzkill Ever

America’s most boring, backstabbing, rat pariah Senator Joe Lieberman woke up this morning only to realize it was late October and he hadn’t filled his “What can I do to piss everyone off?” quota for the month.

This made him very upset. So upset in fact that he was forced to quicken his slow, lumbering gait […]

2012 GOP Candidates As Diverse And Exciting As Their Ideas

In the vast wasteland that is the 2012 GOP presidential landscape, fresh-faced stars join seasoned statesman to create a powerful right-wing juggernaut designed to bring down NObama and the rest of those God-awful Democrats ruining America.

Now normally this would sound like a delightful plan to reinvigorate a hurting Grand Old Party and restore America’s faith […]

Hammer Time With Harry Reid: Public Option, Can’t Touch This!

That other Mormon politician not named Mittens, frail Senate majority leader Harry Reid is getting ready to unveil his health care proposal this afternoon, despite urging from the White House and Nancy Pelosi to kindly disappear in the Nevada desert and keep his dirty paws to himself or risk getting the sh*t slapped out of […]

GOP Poll Numbers: How Low Can You Go?

For a party with no vision, no ideas (other than getting rid of that n’er do well NObama), and no real leadership to speak of, the Republican Party has seen brighter days. Oh Ronnie Reagan, why did you have to leave us?

So it comes as no real shock that the proud party of slave-owners, birthers, […]

Dick Cheney Breaks Out His Olde English Dictionary To Bring Down NObama

Every so often, dark, powerful forces emerge from the dank Earth below to complete their obligation to the natural world. Sometimes it comes in the form of cicadas whose short but vital existence of procreation, death, and nourishment of the Earth is essential to sustaining the natural rhythm of life. Other times it comes in […]

GET MOTIVATED! With Special Guest Speaker & Two-Time Presidential Failure George W. Bush

Out of work? Down on your luck? Feeling uninspired, tired, or lazy? Frustrated with your lack of opportunity? Sick and tired of all your friends passing you by on their way to better jobs, higher salaries, and a more exciting, fulfilled life??

Then get pumped America! It’s time for the world famous GET MOTIVATED Seminar […]