Trouble In Maverick-Land?

Rumor has it that things have gotten shall we say, a bit awkward, between John McCain and his fave Alaskan gal pal Sarah Palin.

The once-shining star of the McCain-Palin GOP ticket is apparently taking some heat for her role in what increasingly appears to be a doomed presidential campaign.

With all signs pointing towards a […]

Bill Clinton Headlines Obamapalooza’s Florida Show

Barack And Bubba: Together Again!

The Obama Variety Show took its terrorist-hope act on the road last night for an encore performance in Florida featuring that other “black” superstar of the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton.

But there was something decidedly different about this joint Obama-Clinton appearance. There were no awkwardly forced smiles masking a deep resentment, no […]

Comrade Obama’s Historic Final Push To Become America’s Next "Redistributionist-In-Chief"

With Election Day less than a week away, the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain have reached the final homestretch, and both are kicking it into overdrive.

But, not surprisingly, the candidates’ final sprint to the finish line are world’s apart.

Flush with record-shattering cash reserves, Obama’s campaign is opting for a primetime media blitz, […]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Country First "View" Of Things

“Women Can Dress Like Highlighters, Too!”

Surprisingly attractive conservative chatterbox Elisabeth Hasselbeck took a break from pissing off her View co-hosts to spend the weekend campaigning with another similarly attractive, strong-willed female, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Unfortunately, the third musketeer, Ann Coulter, was too busy picketing the funerals of gay US soldiers killed […]

UN Joins Growing List Of Terrorist Organizations Supporting Barack Obama

Looks like another shadowy terrorist organization is in the can for middle-class hating Socialist Barack Obama. Al Jazeera? Nope. Al-Qaeda? Close. Hezbollah? Good guess.

Give up? Why, it’s the United Nations, of course!An “informal survey” of more than two dozen UN workers and foreign delegates show a vast majority–26 of 28, to be exact–prefer Democrat Barack […]

Another One Bites The Dust

Oh, How The Mighty Fall!

Longtime Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens is just the latest shining star of the Republican party to fizzle after being found guilty on all seven counts in his federal corruption trial today.
Yes, the distinguished 84-year old gentleman, who is the longest-serving Republican in the Senate’s history, violated federal ethics laws […]

Am I Taking Crazy Pills Or Is McCain Sporting A Fake Sarah Palin Look-A-Like?

Pay Close Attention To Lady In Right Corner

Someone please explain to me what in god’s green’s earth this is all about? Cause I can only think of two possible explanations, and neither is very comforting.

Either a mentally deranged woman who thinks she is Sarah Palin was able to sneak past security and stand dangerously […]

Sunday, The Perfect Day For Brunch And Secret Wars

In case you forgot that until Nov. 4, America is still being run by a fun-loving douche bag, George W. Bush found a little way to remind the public (and the world) that he is still in charge of f-ing everything up.

Because what better way to spice up the drab days of October than starting […]

Plumber Joe To The Rescue!

Elitists Call Him Joe Wurzelbacher, But You Know Him By Another Name

Oh my god, this changes everything.

Joe the Plumber just dropped a bomb on the American public by coming out of the woodwork (or wherever it is that plumbers come out of) to announce his support for John McCain. I know, craziness!!

But, wait, it gets […]

Obama’s Just Chillin’ His Way Into History

Barack Obama’s feelin’ pretty pretty good right about now. Ailing grandmother aside, things are looking bright for everyone’s favorite Socialist.

With early voting underway (and setting records) in many states, and Election Day rapidly approaching, Barack Obama appears to be cruising towards the White House–and the history books.

Not content just being the first black major party […]