From Bailout To Ball Out, Obama Brings His A-Game To The House (Republican Caucus)

Another day, another prime-time opportunity for President Barack Obama to embarrass the entire Republican Party on live national teevee! Hooray!

Surprising? Not really. Warranted? Most definitely.

It’s all part of President Obama and the the Democrats’ well-meaning plan to try and portray Republicans (correctly) as deviant, power-hungry obstructionists who ruin everything and care about nothing (‘cept of […]

Barack Obama’s State of the Union: Put Up or Shut Up! Please??

Well folks, it’s been one whole year since Barack Obama rode a wave of hope and goodwill to become America’s first semi-colored president before disappointing us all with the harsh reality that he is not in fact Superman, and as such, does not have the magical ability to don a cape and instantly wipe […]

Why Won’t Dems Just Pretend Health Care is Nintendo and Press the Reset Button?

OMG, why didn’t we think of this sooner? The Republicans’ ingenious new strategy is so brilliant in its sheer simplicity that it only needs two letters to sum it up entirely: N-O.

It’s true! Much like their old approach of lies, obstruction, and manipulation, the new, improved GOP message has evolved and refined itself over time […]

The (Heart) Beat Goes On: Rush Limbaugh! The Musical Hits the Stage Jan. 31

Remember last month when Rush Limbaugh had the whole nation in a tizzy, praying and holding candlelight vigils in the hopes that Jesus would swoop down from the heavens and help nurse their dear leader back from obesity and drug related heart problems so he can continue spewing racist, hate-filled rants as the undisputed king […]

South Carolina Lt. Gov. André Bauer Doesn’t Think We Should Feed Animals Like Poor School Children

André Bauer, the allegedly heterosexual lieutenant governor of South Carolina (the other governor was too busy having the good kind of extramarital sex–hetero, that is–to run the state) doesn’t believe in a few things, namely being honest about his total gayness and also giving handouts to every poor, pathetic pov who crosses his holier-than-thou path.

Lt. […]

The Democrats Brilliant New Health Care Strategy: Abandon Ship!

Well here’s a new, terrible idea about how to proceed on health care that makes no sense, meaning it is only a matter of time before the lovely Democrats decide to run with it, full steam ahead!

In the wake of the Dems’ embarrassing defeat at the hands of a Cosmo centerfold turned teabagging sensation in […]

Cindy McCain Shows Her Support For Gays, Tries To Kill Husband In The Process

Much like hubby John and sassy daughter Megs, maverick blood courses thick through Cindy McCain’s once pill-addled veins.

Sometimes, this rogue gene manifests itself on the campaign trail in the form of profanity-laced tirades directed at her dear old husband for “ruining her life” and forcing her into the smooth, chiseled, youthful arms of another with […]

Is Scott Brown the White, Naked Version of Barack Obama the GOP’s Been Waiting For?


What’s that you hear? Oh, just the agonizing cries of Teddy Kennedy from six feet under as he watches his life’s work be ripped to shreds by a male prostitute model who loves tea. Or is it bags?

Either way, the important thing here is that Massachusetts has taken a stand against America’s precarious slide toward […]

Game Change Reminds Us Anyone But Obama Would Mean Game Over For America

Guess what America?? Even though our country is broke, no one has a job, health care is on the skids, and it is getting painfully obvious that Mother Nature wants us gone for good, there’s still something to be thankful for: that those other lunatic nutballs trying to win the White House back in ’08, […]

Scott Brown Blames Those With Ears For Dumb, Stupid Scott Brown Comments

Pretend moderate and former Cosmo nudie model Scott Brown is doing his best to blow any and all chance of snagging Ted Kennedy’s coveted senate seat, thus relieving the good people of Massachusetts from years of elite liberal oppression.

Being in the über-liberal queer paradise of Massachusetts, Scott Brown may be smart enough to pretend he’s […]