The Cheers! That Changed The World

Remember the good old days when the only qualification for being president was how many people wanted to grab a beer with you? This flawless construct that twice gave us President George W. Bush may no longer be the gold standard but that doesn’t mean beer has to be exiled to shameful obscurity, too!

Which is […]

Barking Blue Dogs Unleash On ObamaCare!

Down Boy, Down!

That’s a nice doggy. The adorably-nicknamed Blue Dog Coalition–those not-at-all opportunistic moderate and conservative Democrats in the House–have finally stopped snarling about Obama’s doomsday Health Care plan to ruin America and turn its health system into Cuba’s or even worse, Canada’s.

Of course much work remains, but the growling Blue Dogs have finally agreed […]

Will The U.S. And China Ever See Eye-To-Eye?

Notorious peace lover and world diplomat appeaser Barack Obama took his Kumbaya routine to the opening session of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, where he pleaded with his Commie friends in the Far East to stop trampling its people en route to global domination as the world’s hot new superpower.“Just as we respect China’s […]

Blue-Eyed Aryan Angel Glenn Beck Fears The Obama Black House

Everyone knows Fox News host and brave, golden-haired messenger of truth Glenn Beck was among the first to warn America about Comrade Barry’s socialist revolution and his deviant plot to turn America into the new Soviet Union.

Luckily, America’s patriotic guardian is always on the look-out against evil freedom-haters and other ominous, presidential threats to […]

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. For All Your Tooth, Shelter And Fraudulent President Needs

Orly Taitz, the busy, Russian-born, California real estate agent-attorney-dentist who’s also leading the “Birther” movement in its feverish charge against the illegitimate presidency of America’s first non-American president, migrant Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama, has taken her quest for truth and sanity to the GOP holyland, the Internets!

Taitz’ tireless efforts to expose Barack Obama as the […]

Alaskans Face The Harsh Reality Of Life Without Princess Sarah

Oh no, the dreaded day has finally arrived! That fateful day when Sarah Palin bid farewell to absolute power in the snowy north and hello to marginal celebrity in the sinful lowers.

So with the lovely Miss Palin out, who exactly is moving in to her animal-carcass filled natural history museum of an office?

None other than […]

Sarah Palin’s Farewell Kiss To The Upper 1

What better way for America’s favorite former beauty queen governor Sarah Palin to kick off her final weekend in office than a picnic tour across the great and wondrous state of Alaska?

But this isn’t your average annual fun-filled Wasilla weenie-roast and root beer float bonanza. It is the last weekend in the history of Man […]

The Never-Ending Charms Of Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Sex God

Infamous lady killer and Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi took a break from his busy schedule of humping meter maids and hosting wild sex parties with young supermodels to defend himself against yet another excruciatingly embarrassing sex scandal–a leaked audio recording of him sweet talking a prostitute right after he finished having his way with […]

What Do Rabbis, Criminals, And Lawmakers Have In Common? New Jersey, Duh!

Move over Tony Soprano! Two mayors, two state assemblymen, five rabbis and basically every powerful person from the lovely state of New Jersey has been arrested in a sweeping FBI corruption and money laundering probe for basically turning the Garden State into a one-stop criminal enterprise. Oy!

The sordid two-year corruption and international money-laundering scandal stretching […]

Barack Hussein Obama Fools The World!

The whackjobs and conspiracy theorists behind the Obama “birther” movement spend their days traipsing around the country bitching, moaning, and filing lawsuits against Barack Hussein Obama’s illegal presidency based on the figment of their imagination that Barry was born in Kenya and not Honolulu as his birth certificate would like you to believe.

Also involved […]