Cindy McCain Would Feel Your Pain America, If She Wasn't Too Busy Feeling The Golden Warmth Of Sunny San Diego

Cindy McCain empathy win

Cindy of McCain fame, not to be confused with the equally destructive Sandy of Hurricane fame, took a break from her very important life rolling around in freshly minted $100 dollar bills to let the whole world know she is loving life right now…in sunny San Diego!


Not only is the sun shining and birds chirping, but she hasn’t seen (or spoken to) that grumpy old hubby of hers in weeks. It’s positively heavenly!

If only everyone could experience the celestial warmth and sparkling glow that is San Diego palatial retreats on the Pacific this time of year! Oh well!  Wonder what the rest of America’s been up to…

Oh dear. Looks like John’s made landfall on the East Coast again.

Either way, stay Classy, CinDiego!

You make the Romneys proud! If the storm hadn’t knocked out the power connecting to their heart first.

[images via Wonkette/TalkingPointsMemo]

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