What Can Brown Do For You? Other Than Kill Health Care and Ruin America…

Scott Brown, So Conservative, Yet So Cosmo!

Oh no-zees! Democratic nerves have hit an all-time high (at least for this year) over the ever-so-close Senate race in the original birthplace of the teabagger, Massachusetts.

These nervous nellie Dems have decided it’s time to hit the panic button and break out the big gun to win next Tuesday’s […]

Sarah Palin’s Favorite Founding Father is "All of ‘Em," plus Jesus

So, Sarah Palin’s latest foray into the presidency as the popular, new Fox News airhead anchor got off to its usual painfully awkward start when the lovely lady from Wasilla was shockingly unable to answer a single question that requires more than a simple yes or no answer.

Like when Glenn Beck asks her to name […]

Pat Robertson Shows his Usual Compassion in Wake of Massive Natural Disaster

With Jerry Falwell’s old bones resting comfortably in eternal hellfire, the world looks to that other, still-living fundamental Christian lunatic for peace and comfort during these trying times.

Naturally, Pat Robertson was there to lead the way, much like he does whenever a massive natural disaster ravages the Earth, killing or injuring hundreds of thousands of […]

New Jersey Just Says No to Gays, Yes to Purple Haze

Ay, New Jersey, you make us so proud (not the queer kind obvs!). It’s always nice to see the land that originated electric-beach bronzed men with greasy hair and muscles bulging from skin-tight wife-beaters is keeping its priorities “straight.”

Priorities like keeping those pesky hetero wannabees away from the alter and the sweet ganja a comin’ […]

Sarah Palin Ditches Facebook to Become True 21st Century Fox

If ya can’t beat em, join ’em

Sarah Palin, who decided to up and leave her cozy, bear skin seat in Alaska’s Governor’s Mansion in order to bash the evil media 24/7 on Facebook, has now opted to throw in the towel on the social networking scene to join the dark side (along with the rest […]

Game Change: The E! True Hollywood Story of the Election That Rocked the World

“This shit would be really interesting if we weren’t in the middle of it.”—Barack Obama, September 2008

Ooooh, this is juicy!

The hottest book since Sarah Palin’s magnum opus Going Rogue delighted an entire nation, Game Change from veteran reporters John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, has once again electrified the public. Err, that is, if you consider […]

Former Bush White House Official (Not Named Dick Cheney) Charged With Attempted Murder of Wife, Self

Former Bush administration Deputy Counsel (and all around swell guy) John Michael Farren has left his wild days as the go-to guy for all legal issues concerning President George W. Bush and the White House in order to spend some quality time trying to kill himself and his lovely wife Mary at their upscale suburban […]

It’s Not Stealing When Your Name is Michael Steele

Waaaasup peeps, it’s big pimpin’, off-the-hook chairman Michael Steele rolling all large and phat with his boyz in the Republican National Committee like the badass mofo that he is.

Only problem is, thanks to the big spendin’ ways of Mr. Balls of Steele, the RNC is almost as broke as the rest of those pathetic weasels […]

Change He/She Can Believe in: Obama Appoints Transgender Woman to Commerce

Ummm, yay?

Sometimes friend of the gays President Barack Obama recently named Amanda Simpson to be a Senior Technical Adviser to the Commerce Department. Weird thing is Amanda over here used to be a test pilot named Mitchell Simpson.

“I’m truly honored to have received this appointment and am eager and excited about this opportunity that is […]

Meet Allen Quist, Chief Commander of the GOP War on Democrats, Terror, and Reason

Oh Minnesota, how we adore thee. From your fertile land and bountiful lakes has sprung some of the most wondrous and sane civil servants this fair country ever been blessed with. Humble servants of the Lord like Rep. Michele “slit your wrists for freedom” Bachmann and God willing, (we’re lookin’ at you Jesus), Allen Quist, […]