Another Royal Screw-Up?

Royal rebel Prince Harry apologized for the latest scandal to jolt Buckingham Palace (and the world!), involving some “racist” comments Harry made in 2006 when he was pretending to be like every other normal, crass soldier and not some hoity-toity, third-in-line to the British throne.

Harry, who is an army lieutenant in the Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals (guess that’s where they put blue-blooded quasi-soldiers) and the red-headed younger brother of proper royal Prince William, said he was sorry for telling a fellow cadet he looked like a “raghead” and referring to another as “our little Paki friend.”

He didn’t mean any offense by it. That’s just the way common soldiers who aren’t heirs to the British throne speak to each other when they horse around and defend their country against terrorists and other threats.

There’s no reason for everyone to get all worked up. It’s not like he went to a costume party wearing a Nazi uniform and swastika armband.

I mean seriously people, leave poor Harry alone already!

Heil, Harry!

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