Congressman, Sex Scandals, And Florida, Oh My!

Rep. Tim Mahoney And The Woman/Thing He Was Banging

Sex scandals do not discriminate. That’s right. As long as you happen to be a politician from the state of Florida, you are fair game. I don’t know what it is, either. Maybe it’s the hot, steamy weather, round juicy oranges, or disproportionate number of old people that revs up one’s sexual appetite.

Whatever the culprit, one thing is for certain: If you are a politician representing the Sunshine State, chances are your overactive libido will eventually be your downfall.

For the second consecutive election year, West Palm Beach–the sex-scandal capital of America–titillates the good citizens of this country with a sordid story of a fallen congressman.

First, it was Republican Congressman Mark Foley, who in 2006, honored his oath of elected office by soliciting sex (and not just any sex, but gay sex) from teenage boys working as congressional pages.

After Foley’s disgraceful exit and subsequent coming out of the closet, the congressional seat was basically open for the taking to anyone with a pulse and the ability to control their homosexual/pedophile urges.

Enter Florida Democrat Tim Mahoney, whose only real challenge after the Foley debacle, was to basically keep it in his pants. But alas, that proved to be too much to ask of the man.

The same man who waltzed into office using campaign ads featuring a picture of him with his wife, Terry, and the line, “Restoring America’s Values Begins at Home.”

A promise he kept by giving a campaign job and $121,000 in hush money to the mistress he was so honorably banging while working hard to bring dignity and morality back to the sex-ravaged district.

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