Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun, Double The Sarah!?!

Attack of the Clones!

What’s the only thing scarier than Sarah Palin? Why, its two Sarah Palins, of course!

But before you start panicking at the sheer thought of not one but two insane Alaskan mavericks Goin’ Rogue all over the Lower 48, stay calm, take a deep breath (or ten), and relax for a second, people. Surely, there must be some logical explanation for this parallel Palin universe!

Could this be the new, improved version of the old John McCain campaign trail switch-a-roo classic where some alien version of Miss Thang filled in so people would still come to see the old man mutter about secret Hanoi prisons and that damn Arab Barry while the real Sarah Palin shopped for Prada jackets to give to poor people or whatever it is that rogue VP candidates do with other people’s money?

Or is it something more sinister?? Could it be that SARAH’s long lost sister FARAH finally decided she, too, would “Go Rogue” and join her twin sis on her magical roller-coaster ride through America after years of wandering around aimlessly, nameless and alone, with no $7 million book deal, hot snowmobiling hubby, or even pesky baby-granddaddy to fight back and forth with in the evil mainstream media.

Maybe, just maybe FARAH’s had enough of little miss piggy lipstick over here! Maybe FARAH wants to be the maverick everyone’s always talkin’ about for once! Maybe FARAH wants to be the one ridin’ ’round the country in a giant mobile picture of herself!

Maybe, it’s time for FARAH to track down her long lost other half and finally utter those words she’s been working on all these years, the sweetest two words in the whole wide world: “I Gotcha!”

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