Obama Discovers Elusive "Magic Wand" Is Really Just Good Policy Making

Well, well, what a surprise!

Mr. Perfect Barry Obama spent the weekend showing off as usual, this time using his weekend radio address to lay out his economic recovery plan, including several, sweeping initiatives to “help save or create at least two and a half million jobs, while rebuilding our infrastructure, improving our schools, reducing our dependence on oil, and saving billions of dollars.”

The nerve of that man.

Trying to fix the nation’s problems, like hes the president-elect who’s gonna have to deal with them, instead of the still-president who caused them and really doesn’t give a damn, so long as that sweet pad in Dallas is waitin’ for Papa when he comes home.

Besides, last Dubya checked, he didn’t find any magic wand he could wave to make all the country’s problems go away.

But try telling that to EGObama, who thinks he can fix the economic mess not with the elusive magic wand politicians love to remind us they don’t have.

But with a brilliant, new FDR-inspired plan blending job growth and infrastructural upgrades to launch:

“The most sweeping effort to modernize and upgrade school buildings that this country has ever seen, put new computers in classrooms, boost broadband deployment in communities across America, make public buildings more energy-efficient, and modernize our health care system with cutting-edge technology and secure access of electronic medical records to all Americans.”

Is that all, lazy bones?

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