Robert Gibbs Gives World Famous Satirist Sarah Palin Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Damn that Robert Gibbs! Damn him to hell! Making fun of Baby Trig and special needs children everywhere, by scribblin’ some notes on his hand during Tuesday’s White House Press Briefing.

Well, excuuuuuuse him if he isn’t elite enough to use a teleprompter like some hoity-toity presidents, talk show hosts, news anchors, and other Very Important Persons who aspire to be more than just the pretty face of the teabagging nation or the constant butt of late night talk show hosts and stand-up comedians.

Just like the common man and his Alaskan gal pal Sarah Palin, Robert Gibbs isn’t afraid to go the old-fashioned cheat sheet route when speakin’ to the good peoples of the press corps.

It’s hard to remember a million things like eggs, milk, bread err, make that pancakes–not to mention all those confusing, abstract concepts like hope and change!

Of course, everyone in the press corps found the whole thing delightfully hilarious, naturally because of their elite liberal bias as working members of the evil media.

Well, laugh it up now Mr. Gibbs and Co., because things won’t be so funny when Sarah Palin unleashes one of her famously harsh, razor sharp, ghostwritten Facebook smackdowns on your ass, now will they?

Didn’t think so! Nope, you’ll be crying like a little baby. A little special needs democratic baby!

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