The Un-PC Truth About Major Hasan’s Schizo Rampage At Fort Hood

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, At Your Service

I hate to say 20/20 hindsight, but turns out there may have been some warning signs that unraveling Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan was hanging by a thread long before deciding to turn his simmering rage and frustration into one of the worst rampages in U.S. military history.

So […]

Baruch Obama Saves The Jews!

Remember that whole to do about how Obama is really a secret Muslim terrorist who would love nothing more than to gleefully watch Israel sink into the Mediterranean, along with the rest of the pesky Jews? Well, much like Sarah Palin’s knowledge of anything other than how to field dress wild […]

Dick Cheney Breaks Out His Olde English Dictionary To Bring Down NObama

Every so often, dark, powerful forces emerge from the dank Earth below to complete their obligation to the natural world. Sometimes it comes in the form of cicadas whose short but vital existence of procreation, death, and nourishment of the Earth is essential to sustaining the natural rhythm of life. Other times it comes in […]

McCain Warns Against ‘Historic Error’ That’s Not His Presidential Campaign

Despite the typical Republican temper tantrums anytime the president does something to avoid unnecessarily enraging the rest of the world or sending scores of Americans to certain death in hostile foreign terrain, Barack Obama continues to meet with his national security team to “generate new military and strategic options for Afghanistan” beyond the brilliant recommendations […]