Will Bill’s Antics Be Hillary’s Undoing (Yet Again)?

The Lady Accepts–Or Does She?

While us slouches here in the U.S. media were apparently twiddling our thumbs, our overseas source
for breaking U.S. political news, the Guardian, was busy getting the scoop on America’s fave scorned heroine (now that that hussy Sarah Palin’s finally gone back to Siberia or wherever the hell she’s from).

Are you ready for it??

Although she knows she’d still make the best commander-in-chief, Hillary Rodham Clinton has humbly decided to accept Barack Obama’s Secretary of State offering! If you believe British newspapers, that is.

For those of you who prefer homegrown news sources, the Washington Post has a slightly different take:

“If Sen. Clinton can sort out her husband’s global work — which has made him an international philanthropic powerhouse but also earned him millions in speaking fees from foreign companies, creating obvious potential conflicts-of-interest — she would have a good, if not completely certain, shot at it.”

So basically if Hill can keep a leash on hubby Bill and all the drama surrounding his many foreign entanglements, she can have the job.

Looks like Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be back in Congress after all!

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