Yes, We Cannabis?

Tree-hugging pothead Barry Obama’s quest to turn America into one big hippie commune has revealed itself once again.

News that president-elect Barack Obama would be willing to consider some reforms to the U.S.-led war on drugs has many in the stoner community buzzing from something other than the wacko tobacco.

After all, we’re pretty sure the president-elect wasn’t high when he said in 2004 that the war on drugs had been “an utter failure” and that America should decriminalize pot.

Then in a July interview with Rolling Stone(r), drug fiend Barack Obama had the nerve to suggest “shifting the paradigm” from the current war on drugs to a more sensible public-health approach:

“I would start with nonviolent, first-time drug offenders. The notion that we are imposing felonies on them or sending them to prison, where they are getting advanced degrees in criminality, instead of thinking about ways like drug courts that can get them back on track in their lives — it’s expensive, it’s counterproductive, and it doesn’t make sense.”

Earth to Barry! Since when are expensive, counterproductive and ineffective good enough reasons for considering alternative policies?

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