And The Runners-Up For The Republican Innapropriate Behavior Contest Are…

In all the excitement over Joe Wilson’s tremendous feat of making himself and his dear party look like a bunch of mindless heathens during the president’s speech to America, it is easy to forget the efforts of fellow conservative stars and statesmen Lindesy Graham and Eric Cantor who earned distinguished honors of their own for less vocal, but no less significant personal protests against the evil Obama Empire.
First, we have fellow South Carolina gentleman Lindsey Graham who almost made the horrible mistake of breaking with his GOP masters by actually clapping for the stupid public option. While President Obama is making a pretty uncontroversial point about how private and public universities coexist, Graham puts his hands together as if to clap before luckily seeing that none of his GOP colleagues are applauding and quickly playing it off as an impromptu hand rub. Phew! Slick one, Linds!

No wanting to show any disrespect, Twitter machine Eric Cantor vowed to steer clear of the tweets and actually listen to what that bastard Obama had to say about health care. Which he totally did by furiously typing away on his Crackberry throughout the President’s entire address to Congress instead. Keepin’ it classy per usual.

Don’t worry because even with the whole Joe “My Emotions Got The Best Of Me” Wilson brouhaha, the efforts of Graham and Cantor did not go unnoticed, and both will be receiving well-earned medals honoring their respective accomplishments in the “Who’s Paying Attention the Least Competition.” The biggest a**hole award was obviously already taken. There’s always next year gentlemen!

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