At Least She Is A Winner At Something!

It may not have been her first choice, but at least VP candidate and rising comic star Sarah Palin can claim victory in one arena. Yes, America’s favorite “Caribou Barbie” sure knows how to boost ratings!

Palin’s much-hyped appearance on last night’s Saturday Night Live was a smashing success, earning the show its highest ratings in 14 years.

A record-setting 14 million viewers tuned in to watch what would happen when the real Sarah Palin came face-to-face with her famous SNL impersonator Tina Fey. Oooooh, cat fight!

In fact, the last time SNL enjoyed such huge numbers was in 1994 when Nancy Kerrigan hosted after having her knees bashed in by rival skater Tonya Harding’s dutiful “associates.”

Fortunately, last night’s ladies were on their best behavior, and everyone left with their legs still in tact. But just in case the estrogen really started flowing, Sarah and Tina maintained a safe distance from each other–not making even a single appearance together. Lame.

But, at least America got to see Palin in her element, finally looking relaxed and comfortable under the harsh glare of the spotlight.

Sure, Palin may not have come across quite so fabulous during her live debates or one-on-one interviews. But those involved silly things like answering questions, formulating sentences, and understanding actual policies.

When it comes to important matters, like rapping about hot Alaskan governors who love to hunt, you better believe Sarah “shake-her-groove-thing” Palin can bust a move with the best of ’em.

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