Barking Blue Dogs Unleash On ObamaCare!

Down Boy, Down!

That’s a nice doggy. The adorably-nicknamed
Blue Dog Coalition–those not-at-all opportunistic moderate and conservative Democrats in the House–have finally stopped snarling about Obama’s doomsday Health Care plan to ruin America and turn its health system into Cuba’s or even worse, Canada’s.

Of course much work remains, but the growling Blue Dogs have finally agreed to support ObamaCare without sacrificing anything too major, like actually helping the millions of uninsured Americans be able to pay for more than generic cough syrup and a plain wooden casket to host their sorry, indigent bodies.

Which is good news ’cause now the House should be able to pass a decent health reform bill, as long as Colorless Dog Whisperer Chairman Henry Waxman cuts its costs by $100 billion and Democrats postpone a House vote until after lawmakers return from their much-deserved August recess. Doing nothing can be so exhausting!

Even Mr. Health Care himself Barack Obama was pleased with the progress.

“I want to thank the members of both the Senate and House of Representatives for continuing their work on health reform to provide more stability and security for Americans who have insurance, and quality, affordable coverage for those who don’t. I’m especially grateful that so many members, including some Blue Dogs on the Energy and Commerce Committee, are working so hard to find common ground. Those efforts are extraordinarily constructive in strengthening this legislation and bringing down its cost.”

So kudos to the Blue Dogs for their tireless efforts to accomplish something other than getting elected on the sole basis of not being a Republican.

Thanks to all their barking, we get to wait ’til September for our perfectly good health care system to go to socialized hell. But by then our tans will have faded, we’ll probably be dead from swine flu, and no one will even care anymore!

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