Blue-Collar Johnny Strikes Again!

I am glad to see that John McCain has his priorities straight. Instead of jetting off to hobnob with the stars at some elitist Hollywood fundraiser, (like that other presidential candidate), good ol’ blue-collar Johnny was busy speaking to the real folks at a rally in Vienna, Ohio.

McCain, who was sharply criticized by Barack Obama for failing to address the country’s economic crisis, wasted no time proving how “down” he is with the common, hard-scrabbling American. Never mind the swanky $5.1 million fundraiser McCain hosted the night before; when you’re 72 you can’t be expected to remember every tiny detail!

Luckily, McCain did remember to rev up the crowd by taking a nice swipe at his rival:

“He talks about siding with the people just before he flew off for a fundraiser in Hollywood with Barbara Streisand and his celebrity friends. Let me tell you, my friends, there’s no place I’d rather be than right here with the working men and women of Ohio.”

Damn straight. Or at least until after you vote for him. Then he’d much rather be sitting in one of his seven houses (eight including the White House), counting fresh stacks of crisp, large bills, and laughing wildly about how easy it is to steal from poor, dumb nobodies like you and your children.

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