Living Up To His Nickname, John "Good Timing" McCain Praises Economy, As U.S. Markets Implode

For some reason, the party-pooper Obama campaign is all hot and bothered by some dumbass comments McCain made today about the “fundamentals of the economy being strong,” during a townhall meeting in Jacksonville.

Unfortunately, McCain, who is trying to alter the perception that he is “out of touch” with the average American, decided to praise the U.S.’ robust economy on exactly the same day that the economy suffered its worst collapse since the Great Depression.

Bad timing? Nope. Proof that McCain lives in an alternate reality? Not at all. It is all part of McCain’s ingenious presidential election strategy: repeat something enough times and it eventually becomes true.

But what about Lehman Brothers stunning collapse, the Dow’s catastrophic 500 point tumble, the S&P’s shocking 4.7% plunge, and the worst U.S. market loss since the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks?

Oh that? That’s nothing! Maybe if you stopped whining and listened for a minute, you would know that it is “all in your head,” just like McCain’s top economic adviser, Phil Gramm already told you.

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