Everybody’s Doing It…

Michelle Obama isn’t the only hot new trend featured in April’s issue of O Magazine.

Girls banging girls is also very in right now. But it’s not just LinLo and her DJ boyfriend girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Or Cynthia Nixon and her um well whatever you wanna call that.

Housewives, desperate and otherwise across the country, are leaving their husbands and boyfriends for…wait for it, other women–and they’re not even gay! (Or as Oprah would say, at least not “total sixers!”)

Which is so crazy! Because until now Oprah, and the rest of the country always thought it was either one or the other, black and white. Gay or straight. Normal or freak. Sexuality cannot possibly have a middle ground.

But apparently, it’s a little more complicated, particularly for women (all those emotions!). So what’s to blame for this recent lesbian-themed breakdown of moral values and societal norms that’s turning America into one big episode of the L word?

A little thing called sexual fluidity. Apparently what used to be called an indiscriminate turbo slut now has a scientific explanation. It’s true! Women can in fact be attracted to men (and even dare I say it, enjoy sleeping with their husbands) and still desire a hot Lesbo romp with their girlfriends.

So I guess the only question now is does Stedman get to watch??

Oprah And Gayle: BFF?

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