Fear And Loathing In The Press Corps

Aside from social pariah George W. Bush, there are few things less popular in this country than the mainstream media.

The key difference of course being that unlike, Dubya, the media actually realizes it deserves to be tarred, feathered, and tied to a whipping post.

So, what unforgivable sin did the evil, elitist liberal media commit to spark such outrage within its own ranks?

They favored secret Muslim terrorist Barack Obama over American war hero and wizened elder John S. McCain. Gasp!

The love affair with BHO was so bad that Time magazine’s Mark Halperin called “the media’s extreme pro-Obama bias, the most disgusting failure of people in our business since the Iraq war.”

You are so right.

The media acting like rational human beings and favoring the cool, collected candidate with the virtually flawless campaign over the erratic old man with a trainwreck of a campaign and an insane running mate is an unforgivable crime.

Far, far worse worse than the media demanding zero accountability from its torture-crazed, wiretapping-happy government, blindly rushing to support wars based on false intelligence, failing to properly investigate the administration’s bungling of national tragedies like Hurricane Katrina, and ignoring real issues in order to chatter endlessly about terrorist fist jabs, lipstick-wearing pit bulls, and the plight of real Americans like Joe The Plumber and Dora The Explorer.

When is the wretched media gonna finally learn it is NEVER okay to obsess over a smart, charming, chocolate-skinned man with chiseled abs and a clear vision for the country.

But, worshiping a psycho Alaskan woman with an IQ barely in the double digits?

Now that’s patriotic duty!

Sexy Right-Wing Nutjob Celebrities Only Please!

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