Fear Not America! Fox News Won’t Let Comrade Barry Turn US Into USSR

Thank God for true American heroes like Fox’s Glenn Beck.

If it wasn’t for fearless patriots like him, who would be there to alert the public about Comrade Barry’s socialist revolution and his deviant plot to turn America into the new Soviet Union?

No one.

If it wasn’t for Glenn Beck’s watchful eye, before you know it, you will be living in a country where health care is provided to all citizens, including ungrateful children (gasp!), bailed out executives no longer get millions of dollars for destroying companies and ruining lives, and unionized workers join together to demand fair pay and safe working conditions.

Yes, dear leader Barack Hussein Obama has turned America into Marxist Russia. So how long until Glenn Beck is shipped off to the Gulag?

Twenty years of hard labor in upper Siberia sounds about right.

Don’t Worry, Glenn! There Will Be Plenty Of Dissidents To Keep You Company

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