Fearful Iowa Teabaggers Fail To Heed Their Own Warning; Naively Forced To Remove Lovely Obama As Hitler Billboard

The lovely herb ‘n spice patriots of the North Iowa Tea Party scoured pants pockets and couch cushions pooling their loose change together to let all of Mason City (and the world!) know that President Barack Obama is a terrible SOCIALIST just like his two BFF’s Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin.

But sure enough, as soon as pictures of this irrelevant eyesore in the middle of nowhere warning motorists that “Radical Leaders Prey on the Fearful & Naive” began circulating around the Internets, thanks to pesky liberal bloggers and other lamestream media types, the Teabaggers were tyrannically forced to take down their beautiful public service announcement.

Which is TERRIBLE! Because it seems the North Iowa Tea Party has forgotten its own billboards’ motto and succumbed to the very two Socialist threats it was warning against: fear and naiveté!

They were naive and fearful (this is what socialists prey on!) and now they have been transformed into miserable comrades blindly following Führer NObama to certain doom, just like the rest of the Barrywashed American public. With nary a wingnut billboard to call their own!

Even the man behind this masterpiece North Iowa Tea Party co-founder Bob Johnson concedes the sign’s crazy pictures and inflammatory rhetoric may be getting in the way of its intended message — presumably a very sophisticated and level-headed comparison of Obama to a Nazi mass murderer and Marxist Revolutionary.

“It is not disrespectful to Mr. Obama.  It’s a statement on his policy,” said Bob. “It’s a statement on his policies.”

Because Bob will not, no make that cannot, stand by and watch as Obama murders Jews or Grandmas or special needs babies with check-ups and affordable prescriptions! Hell no! NEVER AGAIN!

So let’s all take a moment to reflect on this this terrible turn of events and remember what happens when we let our gubmint adjust its public policy based on the discretion of the administration elected by the people to do just this: the death of Democracy, rise of an evil, tyrannical system of government, and oodles of bloody genocide.

Let’s get on our knees and pray that Failure-in-Chief NObama continues to face Grand Old Obstruction from the Grand Old Patriots trying to get all his terrible Socialist things, like helping the poors not die or go bankrupt from predatory loans, passed in Congress before he is rightfully tossed out of office in humiliating defeat come 2012.

Then American can (finally!) breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that we are once again safe from these two guys who died over half a century ago, yet continue to live on in our nation’s first illegal Kenyan Muslim Terrorist Black Socialist President.

In other words, Hitler with a jump shot and maniacal desire not to exterminate world Jewry but flagrant corporate abuses, as part of his deviant plot to take over the world one affordable doctor’s visit and honest business practice at a time.

The maniac!

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