Grassley Gone Wild!

Aww, snap!

Things sure got chippy between Senators Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) during an otherwise dreadfully painful senate budget committee hearing last week.

A man can only take so many hours of number crunching and endless back-and-forth banter before he’s going to snap. And when Sen. Charles Grassley snaps, he snaps hard.

But this time he wasn’t telling AIG executives to resign or “commit suicide” or bashing irresponsible corporations for giving bonuses while “sucking the tit of the taxpayer.”

This time the distinguished Sen. from Iowa and highest-ranking Republican on the finance committee was busy manhandling unsuspecting (pussy?) fellow congressman and Democratic budget committee chairman Kent Conrad during a heated budget exchange.

Basically, Grassley was pushing Conrad to include his amendment and conveniently reminded the good chairman that he owed him a favor for some budget resolution thing two years ago and if he didn’t do it, he was nothing more than a no-good stinkin’ Democratic rat bastard.

Or something like that.

Grassley: “So I did not ask for a vote on it and you said it was a very statesmanlike thing for me to do at that particular time and so I would hope that you would return the favor.”

Conrad (awkward laugh): “You know, I used to like you. Let me just say: Oh, you are good.”

Grassley: “Well, your wife said the same thing.”

Classy, Senator. Classy. Nothing spices up a congressional budget hearing like a little Jerry Springer action!

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