Guantanamo Bay: Club Med For Terrorists!

For all the bitching and moaning about Guantanamo Bay, you would think the place is some nightmarish detention center instead of the luxury spa retreat it really is.

It’s soooo nice and relaxing in fact that some lucky inhabitants will do just about anything to stay. Like 31-year-old Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah Salih who loved the place so much he decided he just couldn’t leave. Ever.

So, after almost eight years of unlawful detention without charges, Salih decided to become the fifth person to make Guantanamo their permanent residence and final resting place.

And how can you blame him? Where else can you live rent-free, have a 24-hour doorman, and still get all the creature comforts like being waterboarded using only ice-cold bottled water straight from the fridge?

It’s the little things like these that make Gitmo so irresistible, it’s almost impossible to leave.

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