In Rush We Trust?

In his usual classy style, Mr. Sensitive Rush Limbaugh held a reasonable, informative discussion about health care reform by predicting the imminent demise of one of it’s most outspoken champions, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), who also happens to be suffering from a malignant brain tumor.

On his radio show Friday, the ever brilliant Rush first blasted that demon child Barack Obama for shifting attention away from the financial crisis to instead focus on some unimportant issue no one cares about like health care.

Obama is of course only doing this so his approval numbers stay high and that great liberal lion Teddy Kennedy can finally see his life’s work come to pass before he hits the old dusty trail to eternity. Not because health care is important to Americans or related to the economy or anything like that.

Take it from Rush. Before it’s all over, the economy will still be in shambles since Comrade Barry has no idea how to run a country except into the ground, but at least the Democrats will get their precious little “Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill” or some other ridiculous legislation giving Americans access to the affordable, quality health care that no one wants.

Instead of giving America what it really needs, which is a fat, washed-up college drop-out with more chins than ideas ranting incoherently about how to save this country from the last eight years of his own party’s disastrous rule.

Taming The Lion, Limbaugh Style

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