Joe’s Woes: The Life Of America’s Least Popular Senator

It Ain’t Easy Being Joe!

It is official! Dopey Joe Lieberman is no longer just the token pariah of the U.S. Senate, he is now also the honorable recipient of the people’s choice award for douchiest senator. Ever.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s true! The charmingly cranky senator from Connecticut now boasts the highest disapproval rating” in any Quinnipiac University poll in any state for a sitting U.S. senator — except for New Jersey’s Robert Torricelli, just before he resigned in 2002.

In fact, well over half those surveyed say they would prefer almost anyone to old Joe, including that crazy mop-top dude with the weird name from Illinois who tried to sell that “f**kin’ golden thing” known as Obama’s senate seat. Because at least he’s honest when he screws you over.

So congratulations to you Senator Lieberman for a job well done. You don’t even need to be arrested on corruption charges to be considered the greatest mistake the public ever made!

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