John McCain Says No Me Puedo To Sotomayor

Remember that old man with the sassy daughter and hot RICH wife whose biggest accomplishment other than getting beat to smithereens in a Hanoi prison cell was to unleash Sarah Palin upon an unsuspecting world?

Well now John McCain can add another notch to his already impressive resume: opposing the first Hispanic Supreme Court nominee in the history of America…for no good reason! Kudos Johnny!

The ever-savvy decision maker Gramps McCain simply will not vote for that Sotomayor lady on the same sound political rationale that most Republicans have for opposing a Democratic nominee to the Supreme Court: judicial activism (gasp!). The secret term for how this Hispanic lady might seem all nice now, but as soon as she gets on the high court, you can be sure she’s gonna turn into one of those crazy liberals who “legislate from the bench” any time they make a decision Republicans don’t like.

It has nothing, nothing, to do with the fact that HE should be the one nominating a Supreme Court justice instead of that annoying Barry fella who may or may not be a citizen of these United States.

“The American people will be watching this week when the Senate votes on Judge Sotomayor’s nomination,” McCain said. “She is a judge who has foresworn judicial activism in her confirmation hearings, but who has a long record of it prior to 2009. And should she engage in activist decisions…if she uses her lifetime appointment on the bench as a perch to remake law in her own image of justice, I expect that Americans will hold us Senators accountable.”

They will Johnny, they will! But seriously, everyone knows you haven’t cared about accountability since selling your soul after that embarrassing loss to George W. in 2000.

Which is good because now Johnny doesn’t need to pretend to not be a racist anymore like he did for a little back in 2007 during the big immigration reform fight. But that didn’t work so well, so it was back to wingnut land for Johnny en route to winning Republican nomination before losing both the election and the respect of the world for seriously trying to pawn off that Palin woman as a legitimate vice president candidate.

Well, now John “Salsa” McCain is in serious jeopardy of losing his 2010 Senate primary in the Mexican-filled state of Arizona, to a guy who runs around shooting border-hopping Mexicans for a living.

Anyone who goes around killing illegals with their buddies for fun and to preserve America is obviously one of the more important people on the political right, and as such, will be a difficult opponent to beat come 2010.

Of course Johnny knows that which is why he will not vote for that Latina So-So lady in the hopes of showing everyone he loves America and hates Mexicans enough to be Arizona’s proud senator once again!

Blech, Mexicans!

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