K Street Cupid: Blue And Red Go Pink

When it comes to advice on how to be sexy and romantic, who knows better than the Casanovas on Capitol Hill?

Like Obama transition chairman John Podesta whose idea of a red-hot Valentines consists of a steamy evening at a Catholic Charity Ball. Then? Home to “spend some time with his wife.” Johnny, you little rascal!

George W. Bush’s former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card has his own idea of a wild night with the missus: Dinner. Nice, quiet conversation and lots of hand-holding. Wink, wink.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen is throwing out all the stops this Heart Day. We’re talking roses, chocolates, and who knows, maybe a little champagne. If all goes well, he might even read her part of the sexy legislation he’s been working on. Congressional resolutions always get her in the mood. Hottttt!

But that’s nothing compared to the wild weekend getaway Rep. Dan Lungren has planned for this V-Day. He and his wife will rendezvous in California, where they’ll meet “two close friends” for a weekend to remember. Those crazy Californians!

Looks like these Beltway Don Juans know how to stimulate a few things other than economy!

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