McCain Shows Voters He’s Got Policies Too!

With Election Day just a month away, the McCain-Palin trainwreck, er ticket, announced an aggressive new strategy for the last few weeks of the campaign.

Their brilliant new plan? Show the voters that while Barack Obama is busy “palling around with terrorists” McCain has been working hard to craft real solutions to the most pressing issues facing America.

Just a few of McCain’s new proposals, all testaments to his true maverick style:

Foreign Policy:

  • Convince voters that Barack Obama is unpatriotic, inexperienced, and may not even be a real American citizen.


  • Convince voters that Barack Obama will ruin the already dead economy by raising taxes to pad the wallets of his elitist celebrity friends and the fat-cats in Washington.

National Security:

  • Show voters that Barack Obama is a coward who has never even fought in a war, let alone been a prisoner of war. Let voters know Obama also supports terrorism and doesn’t understand the dangers of looking at the world as it is in 2008, instead of as it was at the height of the cold war nearly half a century ago.

See, we told you McCain’s campaign was too full of fresh ideas and sound policies to ever have to resort to tired lies, gross character assassinations, and an outright disregard for truth, dignity, and the intelligence of the American people.

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