Mitt Romney Can't Even Lead A Chant Of His Own Name Without Giving The World Douche Chills

You know things are bad when not a single day goes by without you inadvertently making an ass of yourself, giving the American people yet another a reason to point their finger and laugh at your flailing, almost cartoonish incompetence.

And whether it is telling 47% of the public to go f**k themselves and their poor, starving children or suddenly developing the complexion of a migrant worker when speaking to prospective Latino voters, Mitt Romney is more than capable of blundering even the most mundane task.

Like, say, at a rally in Vandalia, Ohio where Mittens thanked running mate and faux running man Paul Ryan for his stump speech by attempting–and failing!–to explain to the crowd the proper way to chant at a Mitt Romney rally.

Hint: It doesn’t go “Ryan, Ryan!”

Unfortunately for Mitt, leadership isn’t exactly his strong suit. If only elections were judged on ability to fire people…

In his defense, Romney supporters really aren’t very bright. Though all that white sure can seem blinding!

[video via YouTube]

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