No Country For Old Men?

Well look at Mr. Perfect over here.

Not only does Obama gracefully withstand his opponents’ unfounded attacks on his record, patriotism, faith, character, and anything else they could muster to coolly crush the old man’s White House hopes, but now he takes his “Jesus Act” one step further and extends a peace offering to his bitter enemy and former presidential rival John McCain.

President elect and chronic do-gooder Barack Obama is slated to meet with John McCain on Monday in Chicago to discuss ways the two can cooperate together to tackle the pressing economic woes facing the country.

Advisers to both men deny rumors that Obama is considering McCain for a cabinet position, despite his apparent affinity for appointing several potential Judas figures to high-ranking posts in his administration.

But we’re not counting out Johnny Mac for a nice “conciliatory” position in Obama’s administration just yet. Something that utilizes his strengths in a gesture of good faith and bipartisan spirit.

After all, Obama is gonna need someone to become his new ‘White House Liaison To The Elderly.’

And who better than the old man himself?

What Better Time For A Quick Snooze Than A Boring State Of Union Address?

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