Papa Bear Richardson Agrees To Get Shafted As New Commerce Secretary

So Am I Supposed To Like Try To Sell This, Now?

We all know Bill Richardson got the shaft
with his lame-o nomination as U.S. Commerce Secretary.

Let’s not kid ourselves with the whole “consolation prize” thing, because that implies there is something desirable or prize-like about the commerce secretary position, and I can assure you the glorified name for “global business leader” is neither of these things.

Even Obama was forced to defend whether the cuddly Hispanic governor from New Mexico was given a high enough cabinet post, having already been passed over for the coveted Secretary of State gig, which went to some white lady who looks better in pantsuits.

“Commerce secretary is a pretty good job,” Obama said. “It’s a member of my key economic team that’s going to be dealing with the most significant issue American faces right now…Bill Richardson has been selected because he’s the best person for that job.”

That’s right. It has nothing to do with the fact that Obama’s rainbow express tour needed some Latino flavor and the foremost Hispanic leader also happened to owe Obama a favor for saving his ass during a Democratic primary debate:

“As I’m chatting with Obama, the moderator says, ‘Governor Richardson, what do you think of that?’ And I look at him like a deer in the headlights. I was about to say that I hadn’t heard, when Obama puts his hand over his mouth and says, ‘Katrina.’ So I gave my four-point plan on Katrina. When I was done and the debate moved on, I looked over and said, ‘Thanks, you’re okay.’ And Barack says, “Nothing to it, brother.”

See, nothing to it. Except a dumpy cabinet post you can’t complain about.

Ah, Yes The Stubby Hand And Bright Smile We’ve Been Waiting For!

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